We offer numerous services to turn your idea into a solid product but first answer these questions:

  1. Shape the company's culture and work ethic? Does the CEO manage and nurture the company's knowledge capital?

  2. Maintain a fresh perspective? Does your company see its place in the world as something ephemeral and transitory rather than assured and permanent?

  3. Cultivate knowledge? Does it distribute leadership so that each employee is entrusted with higher levels of responsibility and information management?

  4. Develop 'mind share'? Does it complement the company's product innovation with brand marketing initiatives?

  5. Avoid formal structures and prefer teamwork? Does it form teams to allocate resources, prioritise tasks, and determine how to launch products, etc.

  6. Place the customer, not the technology, at Number One? Does the company tailor products to meet real customer needs?

  7. Find the right partners, mergers and acquisitions? Is your company an integral part of a web of relationships?

  8. Embrace the unknown? Are you ready for the next gold rush, which could occur in an entirely unexpected place?

  9. Behave in a paranoid manner? Is it prepared to face a horde of aspiring competitors and to react accordingly?

  10. Act like a speed demon, without being squeamish? Does the company have the vision to cope with speed of market change, technological advances, and emerging business opportunities?

Kites in the Sky can answer all your questions, and help turn your final idea into the product of the future.

About Us

    Facing the future is the supreme challenge to today's business. In product and financial services, for example, many contenders speak of building 'the product of the future'. The forecasters obviously know, or sense, that this non-existent product will be radically different from today's products.

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